Community Grants Program Application Form

Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

Completed application forms will be accepted until 30 June.

Part One: Applicant Details

Business Address
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Does your organization or its members associate with the IREN Group (e.g., employee)? 

Part Two: Project Details

Selection Criteria 

Please tick one or more of the key funding priority criteria that will be met by the project:

Provide an overview of your proposal/project and how the Project Objectives meet one or more of the key funding priorities (what is it, what will be done, who will do the work, why is it necessary or worthwhile, how will the community benefit, how will one or more of the key funding priorities be met?)

The project is located within, or directly applies to the City of Prince George 
The project is located in relevant proximity to the City of Prince George  

(ie what will be produced or delivered to the community upon completion?)

(what is the benefit to the community(s) and who are the beneficiaries of this project?)

(how will skills, capabilities and/or knowledge be improved?)

(how will you know if the project has achieved its objectives and what Key Performance Indicators have been established for the project?)


Part Three: Funding Application

Funding Amount

Budget and allocation of funds

(itemized quotes and/or budget breakdown)

(Outline any requirements for permits, materials, volunteers, contractors, seasonal constraints, etc.) 

Other Funding

Are there any other funding contributors to this project?

Part Four: Project Reporting

Part Five: Supporting Documentation

List of supporting documentation provided with the application:
DocumentBudget and Allocation of Funds

Please provide all documentation in PDF.

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